The IPCC Report — A Future without Fossil Fuels?

We believe in a 100% renewable future

This week’s IPCC report shone an ever stronger light on the threat that climate change will bring to our civilisation as we know it. There is now a clear and present danger that the damage we do to the planet through climate change will be irreparable and have damaging and lasting impacts on humanity. All previous assumptions have been based on limiting global temperature increases to 2°, but the IPCC research issued this week suggests that this previously suggested ‘safe’ limit will in fact create a catastrophic impact on humanity — affecting field crop yields, sea levels, insect habitats and sea ice levels to name just a few — all contributing to increases in human poverty and disadvantage.

Of particular focus within the report was the need to phase out fossil fuels used in energy generation — entirely — by 2050. Here at Solo we believe in a 100% renewable future — and we want to make that future a reality. Polluting fossil fuels are the single biggest contributor to rising global temperatures, and we need to advance renewable technologies at pace to prevent this dystopian view of the future from becoming a reality.

The IPCC report identified solar energy as a key technology in the fight against carbon production in energy generation. Over the past few years system costs from solar have plummeted, and solar generation is becoming increasingly accessible as a form of localised generation. The report also makes clear that improved energy governance with regard to smart grids and energy efficiency could have an important impact on the adoption of these technologies. By combining solar PV with local energy solutions such as micro grids and Virtual Power Plants, we can solve the biggest challenge of all with renewable generation — its intermittency. Capturing excess renewable generation via battery storage, and then pushing it back into the grid at times when the sun doesn’t shine or the wind doesn’t blow, we reduce the need for polluting, expensive ‘baseload’ generation.

The Solo model utilises on-site generation via rooftop solar panels and local generation from wind and solar to charge in-home battery units, and Vehicle-to-Grid chargers to use EVs as a storage asset, all managed by our FlexiGrid software platform to create a steady flow of 100% renewable energy –to be used by homeowners or the grid. We’re also integrating blockchain technology to enable Peer-to-Peer energy trading to create a truly decentralized, democratised and decarbonised energy system for the future.

New technologies are changing the face of energy every day. New companies are springing up exploring every element of the energy value chain, looking to make it more efficient, cleaner and bringing down costs for consumers. We need to embrace this revolution and support those who are seeking to change our energy for the better.

We can, and we will, stop climate change. The future of humanity depends on it.