Soloprenur Reboot

I started this blog in 2014 with the best intentions. To share my experience helping micro-entrepreneurs to start and grow their businesses.

Life has a way of changing one’s plans. In 2013, my wife was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of cancer. Though I wanted to continue sharing my experience, family came first.

There’s no question it was the right choice. Over the next few years we raised our children and lived a very happy life. My wife did not want cancer to define her.

In January 2017, she passed away.

For the last year, I have been sorting through her loss and also how I want to move forward with my life. It was not easy, but each day I tried to search for answers as to what life meant.

Based on months of pondering I now have a sense of direction. Part of it has to do with

Growing Incomes

I worked with thousands of solo and small team businesses. Most were lifestyle, a few were higher growth. In just about every case, I had this nagging feeling there was a better way to get to the goal.

How does an individual start and grow a business?

Turns out the answer wasn’t at all easy. You can say that a business needs to make more money than it spends, but that’s the result. It’s all the actions the business owner takes day in and day out that lead to that result.

Unfortunately, most aspiring entrepreneurs have no framework to reference in developing the business. I want to remedy that.

I have seen on countless occasions that when an individual grows their business their incomes grow as well. In the journey is so worth it.

Thus, the new purpose for this blog is to help soloprenurs start and grow their business and increase their incomes.

You, dear reader, will be the testimony as to whether I was able to support you in doing that.

Looking Ahead

In the days ahead, I will lay out insights gleaned from helping individuals develop their businesses. Business development is the practice of supporting entrepreneurs and getting to their goals. It’s an outsiders look at a person and their business and looking for ways to guide them forward.

I don’t see this perspective in the majority of small business blogs. It seems the standard form of dispensing business experience is through various blog post organize by functional categories.

I see business as a journey. Soloprenurship Has three stages: planning, adapting, and optimizing. Getting marketing, finance, operational and other types of advice is important, but it doesn’t look to the big picture.

A successful solo business is one that cash flows and has a sustainable income for the owner.

That’s the piece of the puzzle I want to offer here.

My goal is to post blogs three days a week. Given that I am just starting out, I will be working my way up to that point.

One thing that would be an immense help to me, is for you to give your feedback. Are the insights I’m sharing with you helping you? are they understandable? Do they relate to your business?

The more you let me know about how the information shared on this blog helps you (or not), the better and more focused I can make.

So, check back often or better yet, subscribe to the updates below. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

Originally published at Soloprenur.