Want to have a Wedding Reception that people will be talking about months later? Try a vodka luge and caviar bar mixed with an incredible DJ, Photo Booth, and a cocktail named after the brides drunk alter-ego!

This past October, Delaine Andrzejewski-King and Bill King planned an evening that guests are still reminiscing about! Solutions by Cara had the pleasure of coordinating logistics for the King wedding in Parsippany, New Jersey.

Cara: Besides people finally being able to spell your last name, what was your #1 priority for your wedding day?

Delaine: I wanted to make sure that every aspect of the weekend had a personal touch. It was important that every guest felt special, appreciated, and loved!

Each guest found their table number with a hand-made chalkboard with their photo.

What did you find was your greatest challenge?

Delaine: Hands down, budget. I had to decide where I could skimp and where I needed to invest. We were about $10k over our predicted budget.

Time was also a huge challenge! That wedding day certainly creeps up on you. . . .

Cara: What DIY pieces did you enjoy the most?

Delaine: I handmade the table numbers with guests photos, decorated the reception lobby with old family wedding photos, made our own invitations and created guest welcome bags fully equipped with items from our home states, Michigan and New Jersey. One of my favorite pieces was having our guests sign a board with their thumbprints to emulate raindrops. The biggest hit of the evening was the specialty cocktail we created in honor of my drunk alter-ego, LaDonna!

The lobby was beautifully decorated in Family Wedding Photos.

Cara: Where did you get your inspiration? What resources and websites did you find most helpful?

Delaine: I knew I wanted to have a fall wedding so I would incessantly google ‘fall wedding ideas’ and then find a way to add a personal touch. Pinterest, The Knot and my friends were wonderful resources and inspiration.

Cara: In what areas did you feel it neccessary to hire assistance?

Delaine: I found it imperative to hire someone to deal with the logistics — contact vendors and deal with scheduling things like the photographers, hair (En Vogue Salon), and makeup (Julu Beauty). It really was a huge weight off my shoulders to be able to focus my energy and attention on the pieces that required my personal touch. Honestly, I couldn’t have done this without you, Cara! My wedding day was stress-free because I knew it was in good hands!

Cara: That’s really sweet of you! What were your favorite memories from your wedding?

Delaine: I used to perform professionally so many of the guests were fellow performers. At one point in the evening, our DJ called me over to the dance floor. I had no idea what was coming! My friends surprised me with a dance montage from a couple of the shows I had done.

At another point in the evening the dance floor turned into what seemed to be the dance off from West Side Story! I had non-dancer friends trying to one-up friends that were contenders on So You Think You Can Dance. It was absolutely hysterical!

We were lucky to have such a beautiful wedding! I loved watching everyone we love together in one room having a fabulous time!

Bill & Delaine’s grand entrance as Husband & Wife! Photos by Alex Kaplan Photography.

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