Two weeks before a Wedding, is the time couples should be focusing on ironing out the final touches for their big day.

This featured couple only dreamt that was the case! Two weeks before Rachel and Nick Forney were set to sail the Caribbean on their dream destination Cruise Wedding, Solutions by Cara received a frantic phone call, “OUR VENUE DOESN’T HAVE ANY OF OUR INFORMATION!” Their cruise designated wedding coordinator had dropped the ball and the couple was at a loss!

CARA: What made you decide on a Cruise Wedding?

RACHEL: We had hoped for a relaxed and stress-free wedding and a cruise seemed like the perfect place! Why not celebrate your wedding day and honeymoon at the same time with the people you love the most? Our guests were able to enjoy the sun, plan their own excursions during the day, and then our wedding party would get together and hang out every night.

CARA: What was your greatest challenge in planning a cruise destination wedding?

RACHEL: Planning a destination wedding with a coorindator that didn’t follow through on the planning. I am so grateful you came to the rescue, Cara!

I called Solutions by Cara two weeks prior to the wedding when our cruise appointed coordinator wasn’t getting back to us with details. Knowing our guests wouldn’t be able to use their cellphones to communicate at sea, we had to have this information prior to setting sail. We didn’t have times, specific venue, our wedding cake, photographer, music selections— basically all the important details. Cara immediately contacted the coordinator, asked all the right questions and got all the details sorted out. Miraculously, everything came together and our minds were at ease. I just wish I would have contacted Solutions by Cara from the start.

CARA: What Do-It-Yourself pieces did you create for guests?

RACHEL: We created welcome bags containing sea-friendly neccessities like sunscreen, dramamine, hangover cures, sunglasses, and personalized picture frames so guests could capture some of their favorite memories. Our wedding week fell on St. Patrick’s Day so I made matching green t-shirts for our guests.

Since the wedding was a week long celebration and our guests were going on many different adventures, we encouraged our guests to take pictures of their favorite moments throughout the week. At the end of the cruise, our guests uploaded their pictures to the WedPics app. From the app we made the perfect photo album of memories. It definitely helped that my sister-in-law is an incredible photographer (Shameless plug Little Elf Photography)!

CARA: What was your favorite memory from your Wedding cruise?

Rachel & Nick made personalized t-shirts for their guests in the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day.

RACHEL: Do I have to choose just one? It was such a blast! As I mentioned, the first day of our cruise fell on St. Patrick’s Day with lots of Spring Breakers so you can imagine the debauchery! The night before the wedding my maid-of-honor created a St. Patrick’s Day scavenger hunt which had the wedding party running all over the boat making fools of ourselves. By Day 2, everyone on the boat knew our group!

On my wedding day, I felt like the belle of the boat. It was so fun to run around in my dress all day and having complete strangers wanting to hear our love story and take pictures with us. I felt like a celebrity!

It was such a perfect vacation for everyone! What’s not to love about having a week to lounge around in the sun, listening to live music, and see beautiful sites?

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