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Solvay acts local and global for flora and fauna

Protecting biodiversity is a seemingly simple concept, but applying it is actually extremely complex. As part of our sustainability objectives, Solvay hopes to lead the way among industrial companies by setting targets to reduce our pressures on biodiversity.

Biodiversity is a growing issue due to its massive deterioration worldwide. The latest IPBES report (Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services) from May 2019 says that 1 million species (out of 8 million) are at risk of extinction. The COVID-19 pandemic is a strong reminder that 70% of all viruses on the planet come from…

Discover Solvay One Planet

Solvay plants are gearing up to reduce water usage

The current focus on climate change is of course completely justified, but we can’t forget other pressing environmental issues such as the preservation of water, a resource just as precious to life as breathable air. That’s why, among the sustainability objectives outlined in Solvay’s recent One Planet plan, we didn’t forget to include a significant reduction of our freshwater withdrawals.

A strong ambition for water preservation

You might not realize this, but all of Solvay’s plants are equipped with their own water withdrawal systems. Independently from public networks, they take what they need from surface waters (rivers and lakes), underground water tables…

Discover how we create sustainable value

Solvay continues to actively reduce its climate impact

From resorting to green energy to improving our manufacturing processes, our business units are hard at work exploring every avenue to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Meeting the ambitious targets we’ve set for ourselves is no small feat, but we’re taking it very seriously.

As our CEO Ilham Kadri herself puts it, “We were one of the very first companies to decouple topline growth from emissions increase.” Before, during and after the Covid-19 crisis, Solvay has been firmly committed to durably reducing our greenhouse gas emissions, regardless of the growth of our activities. What’s…

Discover our One Planet sustainability plan

Sustainability isn’t a luxury, it’s the answer

Of all the changes the COVID-19 pandemic has forced the world to make, reducing sustainability objectives should not be one. On the contrary, in order to truly fight the root causes of the pandemic, the world has to accelerate towards more sustainable goals.

Solvay, fully aware that caring for people and planet is the only way out of the current and future crises, remains committed to its climate, resources and better life targets as recently outlined in its One Planet sustainability plan, a series of strong commitments to curb our negative impacts and enhance…

Solvay sources 100% clean energy for one of its major customers

When a leading electronic device manufacturer asked its suppliers to power themselves with renewable energy, Solvay’s own sustainability objectives were completely aligned with such a request. Better: its green electricity projects were accelerated by it.

In October 2015, a large corporation owning what is probably the world’s best-known digital device brand initiated a program requesting its suppliers to make all necessary arrangements to ensure that the materials they sell them would be produced with renewable power. Solvay was among these. “They asked us what we were doing to source renewable power for the manufacturing of the products we provide to…

As Solvay ramps up its circular portfolio, check out these existing solutions

Our Brazilian businesses of Solvay Coatis and Novecare boast a string of products that go the circular way. Made from recycled and/or bio-sourced materials, they serve a wide range of industries and demonstrate the unlimited possibilities offered by applying the principles of the circular economy, which is required by a growing number of customers, and is fully consistent with Solvay’s sustainability strategy Solvay One Planet, as well as with the Group’s numerous sustainability objectives.

At Coatis, replacing the linear economy model (raw material > production > consumption > disposal) with production flows that reduce the use of our planet’s resources…

An ongoing shift from oil-based to bio-based

Resorting to feedstock that doesn’t drain the Earth’s natural resources is an important part of reducing our environmental footprint. That’s why Solvay is deeply committed to increasing our use of raw materials from renewable sources by favoring two things: biomaterials and the circular economy.

Raw materials in the chemical industry have historically always been derived from oil, but that is starting to change. Over the past couple of decades, our Group has decided to invest heavily in research on bio-based materials, while also finding ways to integrate more circular practices in our production processes.

Today, as part of our Solvay…

Technology at the service of healthcare

Quick, efficient and flexible manufacturing: that’s what these times of crisis call for and that’s exactly what 3D printing can do. As a leading provider of additive manufacturing materials, Solvay is multiplying initiatives and collaborations to help fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the current context, Solvay’s purpose of “reinventing progress thanks to the power of science” resonates more than ever, reinforcing our shared belief that science is the key to find solutions that can ultimately save lives. …

Solvay’s environmental objectives extend everywhere

Committing to protecting biodiversity isn’t just about rainforests and vast oceans. In a quarry in Belgium, a lot can be done as well, and one Solvay site is proud to be showing the way.

Les Petons quarry, near Charleroi in Southern Belgium, is a calcium carbonate extraction site that ships chunks of limestone to Solvay’s Soda Ash plant in Rheinberg, Germany — the smaller rocks are sold locally for cement production. Spread out over 100 hectares, the quarry has been in operation for over 40 years; it was purchased by Solvay in the late 1980s to supply the Group’s very…

Soap molecules are among your best COVID-19 defenses

Wash your hands.
Wash your hands.
Wash your hands.

Since COVID-19 unleashed itself on the world earlier this year, we have heard the continuous refrain to wash our hands, and wash them often, in the fight against the spread of the deadly virus.

Health experts, public service announcements, billboards, Internet memes and even TV commercials constantly remind us that clean hands, and proper hand-washing, is one of our best defenses against the coronavirus.

The rule of thumb requires scrubbing hands thoroughly with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds or for about the same amount of time it…


#Solvay is an advanced materials and specialty chemicals company, committed to developing chemistry that addresses key societal challenges.

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