Newspapers R.I.P.

Newspapers are dead and here’s why:

Mar 8, 2015 · 2 min read

To understand the demise of the newspaper we first need to understand why people read newspapers:

The reason most people read news is to know enough to be part of the discussion around the water cooler. That's the internal trigger to read news. There was a time that the only external trigger was the thud of the paperboy delivering you paper. Those days are long gone. Today's external trigger is usually a smartphone notification or a tweet. ( I speak of triggers in the Hooked sense. If you haven't read Hooked you should)

Now that we understand why people read the news its pretty simple to understand why paper versions of news are dead. There was a time when I believed that personalization could save the paper. I don't believe that anymore. It's not about getting your news vs. an editors take it's about getting the news. Newspapers need to be printed and delivered. That happens once or maybe twice a day. With new broadcast mediums like Twitter and Facebook, I can get the news anytime during the day. If I don't know the latest or someone in the office says “ have you heard…” I can easily catch up online.

That's not to say we’re not struggling and quickly getting swamped by information overload. We clearly are. Content marketing and the world coming online via smartphones etc.. has created a tremendous market for content. That content though is always available and can be seen instantly.

So in conclusion, the death of newspapers will happen the only thing propping them up is advertising money. That money will disappear as marketers and brands continue going for the reach online offers. As we get better at online targeting print ads become less and less relevant. Other than nostalgia newspapers really have no purpose in today's fast paced world of worldwide interconnectivity. Newspapers made sense in the pre-online world. But in today's global village they're an archaic almost useless piece of nostalgia.


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