The Frostbit of Man

The say, frostbit toes don’t grow, in time — they will be cut off and walking will be more of a task, than a pleasure. Is this not the dawn of man also? For man, he is a witty little shit, he wants to creep into our lives and fill the very pores of our soul to where we cannot breathe, nor at times, live without him. He corners our lives in dark times and dark halls turning us at will to his miss fortune. But really? He has no miss fortune, no, it is a fly trap of all fly traps, ‘oh pity soul’, just believe and you will see gold!” Let us declare it to be rubbish and look not to the east, for the east in time will be no more! Now, imagine that — North, West, South, but no East. For it is too, how man looks upon man, for gain, for wealth, how to better himself from the loss of another. Some preach prosperity, prosperity for what, or should you read, for whom…… For The Father of ALL wants us to be rich you say, no no nooooo, not with the money of man, but with the relationship that the frostbite wants to take away in the bitter cold nights! LISTEN to me for this is our plight, yes, He wants us to join His delight, not for a million-dollar house or a post to social media of what we are believing Him for, only to crave for other to make it come to pass, all the while looking like an ass, a jackass that is. But even Jesus our Christ used one of those. He wants us to walk in splendor, a humble course, one filled with riches not for our hands, but to His gain before the running out of the sand. For the closer we get the hotter we shall be, to the point no frostbit can touch any of thee — I sigh with delight, Lord help me with ALL Your Might.

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