When you look back and memories flash ahead of you, and voices begin to scramble your head around with every inch they penetrate! Images pinned to the back go deeper every second you lay your eyes on. The pain you feel is real and is waiting for you to haunt whats left all the way down.

On top of all that sweet sense of perfume tingles your sweet senses, to find out later that its nothing but the smell of a rotten soul dancing around you, pointing at you, staring at you, and laughing at you! This feeling you get that you’ve been all alone all that time the king of nothing and desperate to everything. Just when you gave it all, surrendered, and took the knees you shook your head to free the power that’s burning you inside out and smiled for no reason.

A smile is a message to the world that you are here and that you are ready to stand up against all odds. A smile is what keeps the candle burning it self throughout the cold nights to light someone’s dark path. A smile that says no to the death of the soul and resurrect. A small blue bird flew over your head and settled near you, and said:

“Seasons come and seasons go

In order for plants and trees to grow

Think outside the box and free your soul

Don’t be shy aim high and reach your goal”

You saw the light and saw it well, took the stairs running towards the fresh air you long. Took the final step and got out to find your self out of the book you were swimming in! It was the dictionary that made you go through all of it. When suddenly realized that you’ve bumped your head with the word “miss” and instead of reading the word, this world taught you how to feel the word it self. My dear friend this is what you feel when you miss someone.

Missing means lost without and that is exactly what you feel every time you lose that someone out of your sight, could not hear their voice and feel their hands on yours. Would you run away and hide or face it all over again just to reach for the final step and admire all of it all over again and again and again…?

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