CNA Week #3

Seven Lynchburg city schools have reached full accreditation

Seven Lynchburg city school have just reached full accredidation this week with the results coming in on Wednesday. The schools have doubled their numbers from 2014 to 2015. That leaves only nine schools left to be accredited.

White supremacist stickers attempt to recruit local college students in Lynchburg

With the school year starting, white supremist group have been setting up unwanted recruitment efforts on college campuses. Stickers were found for the groups recruitment on LC’s campus. They have been since taken down and the school renounces any affiliation with the groups or their idealogies.

Former Lynchburg library director passes away

Lynn Dodge, a woman who gave most of her life to the Lynchburg Public Library has passed away. She worked as the Library’s director for 39 years. She donated $100,000 of her own money to have areading room built, which the city voted to have named after her.

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