And what about the Albanian platform?
Peter Vanhoutte

Peter, the Albanian platform plays exactly into the nationalistic narrative Gruevski has been hammering the last years (foreign plot to destroy Macedonia and all). So much so that many have speculated that he is the ideator of this. Many intellectuals have noted that instead to push the state (and all its citizens!) to Europe, to end corruption and for justice, with this platform the political discourse is reversed to backward ethnic divisions. The foreign intervention by Edi Rama is disturbing, regardless of the intentions. This is NOT the time to open questions like this. It is simply biting more than one can chew. And the risk is not only not to gain anything from this platform but to lose all the democratic gains achieved in the last two years, in a country that is even more drifting off far from western values.

Side note: the baroque or a historical figure statue on a horse is not a national identity but the name Macedonia is! Like Macedonian language, Macedonian culture, Macedonian nation, Macedonian ethnicity. You can bet the majority of the Macedonians recognize this.

Another question is that Greece, on behalf of Russia is blocking NATO expansion with invented name disputes, and by asking something they know no one will accept. Or the fact that Greece is deliberately destabilizing Macedonia and setting the stage for possible future (military) interventions (annexation?) when opportune times arrive..

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