Whats on your plate? Keeping it REAL — Week 1

Now I am NOT a foodie, but I am a mum. An incredibly busy mum who has to spend every day of her life planning/buying/cooking/scraping in the bin, food to mildly satisfy a husband and 3 young boys.

And I know every other parent out there faces the same challenges and is probably abit sick of poncey food posts about making dinosaur shaped sarnies, spending more than your mortgage costs on ‘superfoods’ and the ideal ways to get 5–10 fruit and veg in them.

Well I for one am OVER all that, and have decided to post a weekly blog to give other parents 3 ideas each week as to what to chuck in the trolley next time you hit the aisles. All of my suggestions will be 1) very cheap 2) very convenient and 3) have been successful with at least 3 out of 4 of my customers. Posh nosh it isn't, but simply a quick reminder of family friendly meals to make a change from fishfingers a few nights a week.

  1. Corned beef hash. Who doesn't love this satisfying classic. My way is to fry some onions, mix with a tin of corned beef in chunks and a tin of peas. Top with mash potato and grated cheese and bake 45mins.

2. Dippy eggs and soldiers. Very simple tea but perfectly adequate for young kids, especially if they have eaten well at school/nursery. To bulk it out I roll up some ham which they also like to dip in the eggs.

3. Macaroni cheese with chicken. Again very simple but can be bulked out by adding chicken pieces (I buy the frozen ready cooked strips and bung a handful in) and a teaspoon of mustard powder for flavour and some breadcrumbs mixed with grated cheese to bake on top.

So whats on your plate this week? Please comment below to share your super family meal ideas!