DIY: A Simple Solution to a Simple Problem with my Sennheisers

A few weeks ago the cushion-for-my-head part of my headphones finally tore through what little remained of the plastic holding it onto the device. Since then it has been loosely hanging on, occasionally falling off but for the most part still there. The main thing I had to do was to remember to push it into place each time I put the headphones on and to make sure it stayed attached when I took the headphones off so that I would not lose it. Tonight I had one of those random moments when I said “enough” much like when I finally clean my room.

Surprisingly, my first idea worked. What I did was I took a needle and stabbed a hole in the thin part of the cushioner’s fabric a bit further in from where the initial inseam broke. I made a corresponding hole across from that one. This is where I made my only mistake during this procedure and it was easily fixable because the twist-tie was long enough to rectify the situation. What I did next was to thread the twist-tie through one hole and across through the second without first positioning the cushioner into place on the headphones. Thus I had to cut the twist-tie so that I could slip into place first and then stick what remained of the twist-tie back through the hole once I had wrapped the cushioner back around the headphones.

After that it was simple. I just pulled the twist-tie taught and the cushioner was surprisingly, thoroughly fastened with just the one twist-tie applying pressure. I had had plans to have twist-ties towards the ends of the cushioner as well but it turned out that there was no need for this expansion. Instead I simply moved onto the final phase: snipping the extraneous twist-tie to reduce its visibility and laying a piece of black electrical tape across the seam of the cushioner to somewhat hide the repair.

Now save for the awkward bump in the middle of the headphones they seem relatively normal to an observer. For the person using them they feel exactly as they did before the inseam broke on the cushioner. One thing that has struck me about fixing this is noticing that I had trained myself to unconsciously perform movements to augment the cushioner being loose when I transitioned between wearing and not wearing the headphones. Now I catch myself mid-movement and have a happy moment of remembering that this action is no longer necessary. It is so nice to know my headphones are fully functional again, these Sennheisers are one of my favorite possessions. I wish all fixes were this easy.

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