Why I Dropped Out Of College.

There exists a distinct disparity between education and school.School is what i like to refer as the system.Yes,it is a system.According to Google’s definition, a system is a set of principles or procedures according to which something is done.By now you might be wondering where i’m headed with is.Truth is,society has blurred the fine line between the two.The conventional way of thinking is that it is only through the system that you can acquire useful education.The kind of education that is not only ‘state certified’ by a piece of legal document but also the kind that will guarantee you success in life.Do you believe this?Like seriously do you? Yes? Okay i had a feeling you’d say that,now pay attention and you might learn a thing or two .

There are two types of learning you’ll come across from any part of the world at any given generation:conditioned and subjective learning.So what happens in the system is conditioned learning where okay it’s hard to find the right words to put it in the simplest way.But lets just start from the top with the definition of conditioning.It’s to train someone or something to behave in a particular way or become used to particular situation.So what’s this guy saying?Well what i’m saying is we go to school to read for exams ,yes paper after paper and if we fail these papers our chances of success fall short.So when you are sitted there reading that Anatomy book let’s just be honest most of us aren’t after that juicy content or that enlightening experience from The Abbott ,it’s because you are by now accustomed to the repercussions of not studying it well;failing exams.So accustomed that the sight of that book or the library ultimately triggers the thought of an exam.Consequently,you end up reading earnestly only when there’s an exam lurking.A slight parallel can be drawn between this example and to Pavlov’s theory of classical conditioning where dogs are used to blah-blah-blah-blah and so forth but anyways,i digress.So you see the learning in schools is not only conditioned as per my opinion but also associative.So was it right for me to invest five years of my life to such learning?Time which by the way is the most important resource.Absolutely not!

Subjective learning on the other hand is what i was really dying for.Ideally,it’s learning by discovery.Well here is a fellow dropout’s definition of this:its learning where a learner is fully involved in the learning process by getting a chance to process his or her own reasoning or imagination to the finding of a solution to a problem .Like i said,learning by discovery.Learning the stuff you are really interested in like arts,finance,entreprenuership,fashi on design,music,business,beauty,cooking,software,game development and so many other contemporary careers cropping up nowadays.The education issued here is not imposed on you,far from it. I mean how many times did you keep saying Eff Math!!Eff Chemistry!Did you really have a choice even after cursing all those subjects you hated?My guess is you sat your butt down ,silly boyyyy!!! Like a dog with a tail between it’s legs and had to struggle to pass them.Now i’m sitted here in retrospect thinking about that time we’d cram for insha formats just before the paper.How we’d still run out of time writing that insha once it got there.Looking back ,it’s cause we didn’t have a choice.Now you probably think,Sa ni insha ilikuharibu kichwa? Noo man ,far from it!

I just woke up one day thought about all these then it hit me.That light bulb moment.That empirically,school does nothing neither for the artistic mind(right sided) nor the scientific one(left sided).Let’s put it into perspective shall we?an arts guy fundamentally needs creativity to ace his field right?As does the innovation for the science guy,sindio?All these are subjective.School can’t offer you neither creativity nor innovation even in the next lifetime boss!!Never!!All it does is provide the material for your field then the rest shauri yako!! And you wonder why people change majors repeatedly or even careers.Cause none of these two aspects :creativity and innovation were inspired during learning.All the system does is create workers,employees as it’s gracefully put.It doesn’t care if you want more ,since it gave you its learning now you have to show reciprocity and give back to it through a 9 to 5 input.Now i’m typing while laughing so hard it sounds evil.Why?Cause i was once in this mental slavery and didn’t see that trap before.To me,college is now a booby trap.But you see in order to understand something,you have to be liberated from it.So Christian do tell us ,are you endorsing the dropping out college by your peers? hell no!!From the start,all i’ve done in summary is to show you that the value society puts on a college education is like the biggest hyperbole ever.It’s way embellished.

I’m speaking to the minority of us who want to pursue something other than the norm but are afraid of the societal York in place.The minority of us whom college was imposed on since day one,i’m talking since class one.That was the anthem,you grew up grinding for that admission yaani waah!Personally i’d argue and say that i was under duress the minute i cleared school when it came to questions like “what’s your career choice?What next?Harvard?Stanford?”.Everyone around me at the time wanted me in college doing a big major,yeah the conventional big ones.It’s like i didn’t have a choice,all that was left was to please my people(family ,relatives mob!! and close friends) at my own expense.I know you feel me deep down.You might be that person who just found yourself in college cause it’s your ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ to them;you’re just there passing time and feeling lost and empty inside.Okay so enough with the shrink comments.Now where was i ..yeah so subsequently i started feeling like i’m the only one around my peers who didn’t feel like going back to the system again.But i couldn’t say anything at the time.I mean people who get A’s aren’t allowed to talk ill about the system;that’s taboo.I had to cave into to the social pressures at bay.To date i still don’t know why i conformed ;enyewe yaani i was a coward.It reached a point where i started feeling like my final high school grade was more of a curse than a blessing.Suffice to say that it actually is and its not that i’m being ungrateful or anything.i’m just keeping it eight more than ninety-two with you. If you are passionate about something and can’t really wait don’t let societal expectations and pressure waste your time.Imagine how they keep saying a degree is a fall back strategy if things go wrong.An insurance premium.Man c’mon society,who said things have to go wrong ?Do we all have to be risk averse?And by the way i know graduates all the way up to masters level without jobs.A degree isn’t an assurance,that’s mental slavery.Your grind and insatiable hunger for gettin it is what counts nowadays,just ask Mr Bob Collymore himself.It’s thy grind over qualification papers boyyy!! Just imagine what you’d do with your passion with the years you’d be in college.Building that firm foundation in those years.Cause we all have to start from the bottom,from scratch doesn’t matter if it’s a graduate or not.Time is of the essence.

All this might sound like a bitter tantrum from a frustrated guy who things did not work out for in his first semester.On the contrary, it is actually not the case(i had a mad fun and indulged in well lets just say debauchery was my kinda game ,thoroughly networked,made true friends and left a social mark wherever i was).This is just a thorough probe done by a self conscious young man that was bold enough to come to terms with reality and make the initiative of getting himself out of the trap he’d been lured into by society(i don’t blame society enirely). Well this might be the longest post i’ll ever do.Tonnes of words …(now i just lost my train of thought hmmmm!!)ooh yeah..if you’re reading this it’s too late (kidding!!)Anyway,if you happen to read this i want to sincerely apologize if i came off as a bit patronizing in my delivery.I am not the arrogant self-defensive guy who foists his opinions and can’t stand others perspectives.(I’m really sure i didn’t come off like Kanye in his Grammy award winning album ,College Dropout when he did the School Spirit and LilJimmy Skits.That was hilarious though,admit it?.)But if you are a closed-minded,intolerant and prejudiced individual, you’ll just never get what i’m saying. I’m forming a prior defence to my words cause i know i’ll spark some emotion in those people used to convention.By the way come to think of it ,what if my children in future use this post against me when they’re fed up with school..waaah!!! I’d love to see the ending to that.I might just have to take this down when i’m a dad and put it back online again when they’re done with high school.Although that’s just sheer folly.What i’d love to do in future is take part in the inevitable overhaul of the educational system at some point. Eeish,education reforms tena?!!!Yeah i’m serious man,i mean we need that subjective learning i was advocating for earlier on.My ideal social mission in future would probably be the starting of CHARTERED SCHOOLS.And that my amigos is a story for another day.

Altogether,i value and love education because i need it to survive day in day out.These streets ain’t habitable for a college drop-out whose mind isn’t well cultivated with refined knowledge in various fields.I just don’t like the schools of my day and age.Did you notice how i didn’t give anecdotes about all those successful college dropouts out there?Cause i know many of us are impressionable,well let’s just say it comes with our age and such a decision is meant to come solely out of introspection and not some flowery story about Bill Gates and all those other Silicon Valley and Wall street heads we hear about .

In conclusion,i love education but i don’t like school.


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