Using BitBucket: The Pros

A few months back, I learnt something wonderful called Version Control System. Naturally, I started learning Git, one of the most popular VCS that is currently in use. As I continued my search for the best and easy to understand tutorials on Git, I stumbled upon BitBucket, a web-based hosting service for source code and development projects that use either Mercurial (since launch) or Git.

I have been using BitBucket, a distributed version control system since the past few months. The tutorials have been extremely helpful for me to understand how VCS works and more specifically, how Git works.

What are the tasks that I haven’t used it for? Right from collaborating with peers while preparing presentations to writing research papers, BitBucket has been amongst it all. Well, how else do you create a presentation with four class mates working remotely and each of them having something to add or change? Imagine emailing a part of the file to all of them every time some changes were made. I’m sure we would have lost track of some pretty important issues and made some horrible mistakes.

I’m a newbie to VCS. So, I needed to learn about the various Git commands and there was the all-wonderful Git tutorials from BitBucket. They made the concept of Git easy to understand and now, although I’m not an expert at using Git, I can manage to run the basic commands successfully. A few days back, we started a team project and the free version wasn’t enough for our needs. So, I requested an academic license and it was promptly granted.

I have become a bit of a fan of BitBucket. I’m sure there are lots of other products from Atlassian that are just as interesting and useful. I’m looking forward to using them to increase my productivity and write better code in shorter time.