Somnium Space partners with KnownOrigin to deliver Digital Blockchain Art inside its stunning Virtual Reality world.

Somnium Space
Sep 25, 2019 · 3 min read

Press Release: Visual art was a very big part of human history starting with ancient civilizations. Humans love to spatially explore and consume art. Whether it is a painting in a Museum or a sculpture inside your living room. With new emerging technologies such as blockchain, new form of art and art ownership has emerged.

Digital or crypto artwork is often referred to as virtual art. Somnium Space is a VR world backed by the blockchain and is creating massive virtual worlds, much like the Oasis in Ready Player One where thousands of people meet, work and create inside one persistent environment.

As part of the mission to make virtual into reality Somnium Space reached out to David Moore CEO of KnownOrigin to discuss & explore the potential of immersive experiences in Somnium Space using art as the vehicle. KnownOrigin is an artists-focused platform built on the Ethereum blockchain it makes it easy for artists to authenticate, showcase and sell the digital artwork & collections they create. After launching in early 2018 KnownOrigin has now established a strong position in the NFT space and is one of the most respected blockchain galleries.

“Mixed realities like VR are a really exciting space with massive potential for artists to showcase and create new and never imagined artworks. It is still very early days but truly own-able digital assets in a VR environment has been on our roadmap for some time, using blockchain technology and NFTs to explore this makes this partnership feels like the perfect time to take part in this venture.” — says David Moore CEO KnownOrigin

Somnium Space in-game VR screenshot

The partnership with Somnium Space will initially revolve around ‘ILO’ Initial Land Offering. People will have the opportunity to buy exclusive KnownOrigin artwork as part of the OpenSea auction starting on the 6th October at 18:00 CEST. Artists have time until 30th September to submit an original artwork as part KnownOrigin creative Challenge. A judging panel will select 5 artworks to take part in the ‘ILO’ Initial Land Offering on OpenSea. This new ‘ILO’ is expected to attract a lot of attention from both the digital art world and the VR industry. The rare artworks will be the first and only pieces available to explore, own and showcase inside Somnium Space in the upcoming months. The vision is to have people displaying KnownOrigin artworks in the homes and buildings in Somnium Space.

“Virtual Reality and digital ownership brings the next level of human interaction. Soon, humanity will be spending the majority of its time by living inside virtual reality worlds such as Somnium Space, and I believe that digital art with proof of origin and ownership will play a huge role in shaping the look and feel of those environments.” — said Artur Sychov, Founder & CEO of Somnium Space.

Somnium Space in-game VR screenshot

KnownOrigin got plans to purchase land during Initial Land Offering and extend the experience with a purpose of building a VR gallery showcasing exclusively KnownOrigin art. This will have a series of exhibitions, events and artist residencies much like a real world gallery.

Follow @KnownOrigin_io & @SomniumSpace to stay up to date with the creative Challenge and the Somnium Space Partnership.

Somnium Space

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