Improvements on Life!

I havent posted on here for a while and I appologise about that, school has been hard lately and I figured out after 1 and a half fourths into the school year my new school is much more complicated than I anticipated but I am learning so much more than I learned at my old school and this year is really going to prepare me for the next school year because I will be a freshman in High School! That’s somthing to look forward to!

In the time that I have been gone in have settled into my new house, I had my birthday on the 11 this past October, I started to really get organized with my chores around the house in fact this weekend I stayed up until 1:30 in the morning cleaning the whole house and my stepmom is really sick and that helped relieve some of the pulsing stress she has had lately. And today I did a lot of organizing on my Youtube channel and currently going over all of my socials including this one!

With my birthday last month I got crap loads of gifts, in fact I was spoiled this year. I got 225 dollars worth of Amazon cards and I bought a Graphics Tablet, Webcam, Microphone, Camera stand and Camera case! A couple of weeks ago I needed to print an assignment for School the next day and my Grandma bought me a new Laptop and Printer, I was shocked and I kind of felt guilty because the price of both came up to approximately 425 dollars but she was willing and both the Laptop and Printer has improved my organization not just at School but at home on youtube. The Printer, the Laptop and many other things has helped me organize in many ways, kudos to you Grandma! Love you!

One thing that shocked me about the laptop was that it is windows 10 and it runs really fast! Almost like my desktop! Also my desktop is having issues and I am thinking about getting some help from Either my uncle that is really good with computers or my Big Brother who is also good with computers because every time I send it to the guy that originally built it, we spend like 50 bux and it always breaks again!

Recently I have had a newfound organization in Youtube, other socials on the internet, my book Sonic and Drace (the title is not official), the SonDraFab team and school too! I am really excited because I also got a new planner and my new laptop has also provided me more organization, I have a to do list on Chrome and there is Calendar apps and many other organization apps for Windows 10 that has keeped me on the tip of my toes!

Also with the organization of chores I have kept up with taking out the trash, taking care of myself and taking a shower every day, doing homework, cleaning my room, taking my medication, in fact I got a new depression pill, it hasn't settled in completely so there are not verry much differences in mood or anything else but I am hoping that It will help.

In conclusion I have had a lot of improvements in life in the last couple of months and I could not be anymore happy!