My New Family!

Well yes I will say I started this account when I was in the process of moving.

But today I just wanted to tell you guys that I am pretty excited for the change and it will be a big huge one if you get the point.

When I started thinking about it, I had this, I am in a stable family home feeling.

I have never been in this situation and It will be a big game changer.

I will be in a better situation to get an education, grow up and have a better childhood!

My Dad Taylor met my new stepmom a few years back, her name is Kristen, shes a single mom with two children, Terrell and Taela! (her ex husband was African American)

We all came together into one house For the 3 time. my Dad has been with many women, hes has a hard time settling down. I have only been there for the last and this one. The house we lived in before was the separate house from the last relationship.

But this time I can see It working out for a long time, they are a good couple. She’s a (unlike the last relationship) responsible Mom that does anything to make her kids happy as long they deserve it, (sometimes they dont, Terrel is having the terrible 2’s at 6 years old. He owes me several apologies including his Mom! woo, damn, 20?)

But once we are in there will not be internet for a week or two, so bye for now I guess.

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