3 Strong Reasons Why You Should Learn UX/UI Design In 2020

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Of course, this has to be the first place to start from. It is most likely that you are also asking the same question. Used often interchangeably with User Interface (UI) design, User Experience (UX) design, as the name may already imply, is the art of designing and developing websites, softwares, and applications well-tailored to suit the users of such products.

UX design is concerned with ensuring that product users are satisfied when they engage those products. This is why human behaviourial psychology, buying psychology, and other fields than seek to understand the recurring patterns of human behaviours are integrated into the bedrock of UX design.

After getting acquainted with what UX/UI design is, you want to also learn its importance in today’s world. It’s only logical to ask: “What do I stand to benefit from this so-called UX/UI design? What are the benefits?” Let’s begin with very essential statistical information about UX/UI design.

A study last year showed that UX/UI design ranked 6th on the list of the top 14 tech skills in demand in 2019. In another survey conducted by Forbes, also last year, UX/UI design also ranked 6th on the list of 25 best paying and most sought skills for new grads and freelancers. The average annual pay of UI/UX designers, especially in the United States, has been estimated to be around $90,000. These surveys show just how important UI/UX design has become at the moment. Numbers do not lie. Without any doubts, UX/UI design is one of the highest paid jobs today.

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By now, you are already beginning to gain some insight into why you should venture into this aspect of design. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are even much stronger reasons why you should learn UX/UI design this year. Ready? Let’s get right into it. Here are 3 strong reasons why you should learn UX/UI design in 2020:

1. Helps You To Connect More With People

This is, perhaps, the strongest of the three reasons that will be shared in this article. Yes, UX/UI design will get you money. You could also receive numerous awards for your hardwork and diligence. It might even get you into the glitz and glamour world of fame. But isn't there more to life than money, fame, and awards?

By engaging design processes that focus on user experience and user satisfaction, UX/UI design helps you to understand why people behave the way they behave. This, ultimately, helps you to connect with people on level totally different from other people. You are able to relate and empathize better with people if you’re a UX/UI designer because your mindset is built on a “user first” ideology.

It is this that leads to the next strong reason— the type of designs UX/UI design helps you create.

2. UX/UI Design Helps You Create People-driven Designs

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It is the goal of every designer to make designs that people really need. What better way is there to create powerful designs that users can really relate with than learn UX/UI design?

UX/UI design takes users' specific differences into account before designs are created. Hence, designs made by UX/UI designers are very functional designs. It's not just about the loftiness of your design idea but its usefulnes in the lives of the users. UX/UI helps you to achieve this.

3. Design For Real Life Experiences

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UX/UI design is more than paperwork or ink or computer icons and the likes. It goes far beyond black and white. UX/UI design is more about real life experiences that affect how people go about their daily activities.

It will help you make designs that address crucial issues by asking important questions such as:

  • How can a color-blind person use this software layered with colours?
  • What happens if a granny needs to board a train on her own using this website?
  • How can a minor not book a flight with this travel app?

These and many more vital questions of day-to-day life are what UX/UI design seeks to provide answers to.

A UX designer must consider the challenges, feelings, and preferences of users in their daily living to create designs that will better their lives for them.

By now, you can already tell how very important UX/UI design is to us as humans. It's the right design for the ever-evolving patterns of human living. What are you still doing? Why don't you begin your journey to becoming a UX/UI designer today?

Thankfully, you don’t need to have so much technological background to become a UX/UI designer. All you need is the desire to learn. If you have this, then 2020 is that year where you will join the treasured league of UX/UI designers helping to make our collective lives better!



Poet| Freelance Technical Writer| Voiceover Artiste| Published works on Glass Poetry, Button Poetry, Freedom Magazine, and elsewhere.

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Kolawole Samuel Adebayo

Poet| Freelance Technical Writer| Voiceover Artiste| Published works on Glass Poetry, Button Poetry, Freedom Magazine, and elsewhere.