Hi, she says

Hi, she says

Hi, he says back

Then she smiles

And he smiles back

Together they turn

And walk side by side

Drowning all the noise

Of the world beside

Their fingers graze lightly

They blush

Neither willing to talk

Neither in a rush

She looks at him

He just looks ahead

And when he looks at her

She firmly keeps her eyes on the road instead

There is so much to say

There is nothing to talk about

The words hang between them


All they want is this…

That this mindless walk never ends

So that she may look at him

He may look at her

And this silly game continues

But they are reaching the split in the road

She must go left

He must go right

So now

So now they try to make up for the lost time

Suddenly brave

They stare at each other defiantly

Still quiet

Still speaking through this silence

Neither willing to let go…

But turn they must

With this memory within their hearts

Her lip quivers

Yet he doesn’t want to hear her voice

He just shudders inside

Boldly she takes his hand

And presses it to her lips

The unspoken words then

Hit him like a ton of bricks

Smiling, she now turns left

And then looks back

Bye, she says

And he with her touch still lingering on his skin


Bye, he says back