Ever Dreamed of Sleeping Inside a Transformer?

Flatbook is excited to announce a joint project with MorphLab to bring innovative, tech-based home solutions to market. What does this mean? Well, imagine if you could double the size of your apartment with a touch of your hand, transforming a single room into a kitchen, office or bedroom depending on your needs.

Testing a prototype last year with CityLab

“We want to prove that a small space can act like a big one,” says MorphLab CEO Hasier Larrea. “So instead of a big house in the suburbs you have a smaller one in the city center, in reach of everything. This leads to less pollution and traffic. And more vibrant cities.”

Hasier Larrea at TedX Cambridge

The product of 4 years research at MIT’s CityLabs, MorphLab is a Boston-based group of engineers and architects working to design “a new generation of dynamic and intelligent spaces.” Starting with this Flatbook in Cambridge, which we like to call ‘The Transformer.’

MorphLab team setting up at Flatbook

Stay posted for more on this project or book a few nights in The Transformer Version 1 and let us know what you think!

Originally published at blog.flatbook.co on January 8, 2016.

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