Notes from Singularity University - Global Summit 2017

Aug 12th, Sunday 13:00 @ SF

1600+ participants / 64 countries + thousands on-line 🌎

Founders Peter Diamandis and Ray Kurzweil

Most diversified group of people in a conference

Motto : “Do well by doing good”

Solution for Food, Health, Water, Energy, Shelter,Prosperity, Environment, Learning, Security, Governance

* Be Exponential => 6D's of Of exponential framework

* Change more and more

@ More Computing

@ More Connectivity

@ More Sensors

@ More Brains online

@ More intelligence

@ More implications

* AI vs HI (Human Intelligence)

‪* A typical strategy only temporary correct.

* Disruption is possible with emotions not data / analytics.‬

‪* Digitalization is modular. Modularity brings speed and flexibility.‬

* Don’t believe everything you think !‬

* ‪If you change memories, you can change future.‬

* Innovation (doing better) vs Disruption (doing new)

* Entrepreneurs are the Next SuperPowers.

* Look at where the world is going, not where it is.

* Asynchronous movement at change

* Exponential Leadership to cope with change

* Take more risk and invest for future & change. Rewards will be bigger