Walk to and through to your final destination

Shift, Shift, Shift 8/23/15–8/29/15

Hello My Brother’s and Sisters,

Here we are into the last week of August! This month has been chalked full of shifting tides, new beginnings, and most of all choice points. There have been many opportunities to choose love over fear and release the remnants of the past that no longer serve. We are coming into our fullest month of the year September, and with this are asked to SHIFT, SHIFT, SHIFT. We are now at the choice point and there is no more time to dance around the burning fire.

What does this mean?

It means change the outdated or outworn. Ask yourself the difficult questions, and more importantly make decisions to change what drags you down.

What is your biggest challenge and/or difficulty? Why is it difficult? What are the thoughts and emotions behind this decision? What stops me from my dream of being 100% happy? Am I willing to let go of the struggle?

It’s time to look at the peacock feathers that are dragging you down, and get real with what’s in your heart, and the choices that seem weighty or time consuming. From now until the end of the year we have a fire poker on our behinds moving us to ACT. No more time for the could’ve, would’ve, should’ve, or more importantly the “poor me.” Nothing happens outside of you, everything happens INSIDE of you. This is the place where all the magic happens. The message for this week is to: “Stop looking outside, and now look inside.” Take time to cultivate that inner voice that is desperately trying to move you and shake you to wake up and trust. There is an actual energetic door opening to a new life and a new way of being. Also known as a portal. Many have already entered into that door and are waiting for the rest of humanity to catch up. The key to this door, is that we must become light as a feather, believe in the impossible, and own our starlight and power completely. There is little time to wait around or wish upon a star now, so it’s time to get cracking and walk into peace. Nothing that is NOT you can enter through this door, and you must fully be willing to open the door by YOURSELF. You cannot take anyone or anything with you through this doorway. Every person and being must do this on their own. This requires surrender, trust, and faith fully in the new doorways. We must allow each person to do their own work, knowing they can and will do this. No more co-dependence or waiting for those around you to “get it.” “Get it from within and the mirror shifts.” Whether it’s finances, love, relationship,work, joy, health, or business, matters not. No wave is too big or small for the Universe to resolve. Remove the dead weight of thinking and feeling, and the past, knowing that you are now entering a new doorway to freedom, unconditional love, and abundance in ALL WAYS. Waiting on the Universe to move you is not going to work, it’s time to know that the Universe is waiting on YOU to make a move. Once you make that move to the new portals, life will take wings and soon you will be flying high like the mighty eagle. The time of the pendulum swings are over. No more feeling good to feel bad again. This is the crossing over. When you FULLY decide to shift to owning the light, the darkness seizes to exist. The light consumes the dark and all that is left is light. We are now upon that doorway, and all that stands in the way is the choice to let the darkness go.

Are you willing to make that choice? If you are, life will change unlike ever before. This is the tipping point.

See you in the new portal!

Much love and Gratitude, Song Bird Grand Mother


Originally published at us5.campaign-archive2.com.

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