Black Friday in UK

From Wikipedia,there are not only one explanation about ‘Black Friday’. The main four are at list:

  • Black Friday (partying), the last Friday before Christmas
  • Black Friday (shopping), the day following Thanksgiving in the United States
  • Good Friday or Black Friday, a Christian observance of Jesus’ crucifixion
  • Any Friday the 13th in some Western countries

Black Fridays in UK always come with the last explanation. Because of the historical reason, many bad things happened on this day. Black Friday is considered an unlucky day in Western superstition. It occurs when the 13th day of the month in the Gregorian calendar falls on a Friday.

However, with things fade from people’s memory. Nowadays, Black Friday in UK means shopping day, Everything will get big discounts. People will go to shopping and buy a lot of things on this day. I think this phenomenon in some extend was influenced by US.

With the society developing. people became gastronomy and consumerism. In developed countries, their level of consumption are higher than others, especially for London UK, the most expensive city in the world. Therefore, many companies grab people’s psychological needs and pay more attention to satisfied their mental world. First, shopping change the unlucky day to be a happy day. People want to go out and enjoy the extra discounts rather than stay at home and pray for the Black Friday. Second, it also create win-win relationship between buyers and sellers. Seller can earn more profits and buyers also can get a better price of goods.

2015 Black Friday in London (Pic from Independent)

This Black Friday, I went to the China Town to eat with my friends, and it was very crowed even in the underground. Trains are full of people with big bags. When walked into a shop, there was no room for you to fit the clothes and even for people wanted to pay, there were all long queues.

Black Friday now is a shopping festival rather than a unlucky festival. However, to remember the original meaning of this day should be known by everyone. Besides, even carnival trend has been the main stream in the society, people still need to know that the historical meaning of this day.

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