What is the meanings of travelling?

Travelling is the word always comes with magic. It will bring many emotions to people, and also will bring them to recognise the world. The place you go to , the people you see and talk to, and the things you meet, every of them can change the way you look at the life and the world.

Many people around me will choose to travel when they meet something bad, such as the interview is fail, break up with their lover, fired by the company and so on. Especially for students, in western countries, some students will choose to travel around the world for one year before go to the university. They believe this gap year will help them understand the world, and understand which major they want to learn. It is the better choice to find out their interest. Also , those experiences will change the way how they look at the things around. In China, students always choose to study abroad and in those periods, to travel to other countries. Maybe some people will think that they are avoiding to face the reality and the society. However, just because that their families and societies give them too much pressure, so that they prefer the way that they are doing study while travelling. It is a better way for them to release themselves.

Sanmao in the Sahara

Travelling not only means people want to go to Maldives or Bali to enjoy the lives although this is also a part of travelling. but also many people will prefer to go to Turkey or Thailand or even Africa to experience the life that they never knows. A writer called Sanmao who is very popular in China. She travelled to the Sahara, and published a book called 'the Story of the Sahara'. Her most books were written when she was travelling. Although she has died for over ten years, but her books are still read by many young people.

A famous blogger on Weibo called Maoli, she travelled around the world with her boyfriend who is a photographer after she graduated from the university. The reason for being famous is she posted many pictures about her travelling and attracted many netizens. After the travelling, she became a writer and traveller.

Travelling is hard to define, because everyone will gain different things through the process, and also many people believe it just wastes time. I think for different people, travelling can bring them what they need.

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