My Facebook Status Got Too Long.

Well 2015 where do I begin.

I don’t remember much, was too busy working and losing grip on my sanity for a while both which sucked.

But there are good things:

I got a volunteering gig at the Smithsonian! That was cool. Went to PAX East for the second time with my best friend in tow, met more friends up there and had fun! Met my favorite baseball player (besides Cal Ripken Jr.) hanging around in DC, went up to Maine again and met my friends daughter + got to see a lighthouse, went on mini-trips with more friends during the year, got to know another friend better!

The defining moment in 2015?: When I went across the country to the West Coast alone for the first time. I saw the Pacific Ocean and its blue water, explored the ever changing landscape of California, got lost in a bayside town and had a moment of clarity and calm for the first time in months. Did all sorts of things I thought I’d never do with my California friends! Ate, drank (oh yes), got stuck on an island, stood right next to a huge tree and felt small. The West Coast changed everything.

So what do I see for me in 2016? I’m not sure. I’m heading to Boston in April for PAX East again. Crossing fingers my best friend from the West makes it East and we get to go on adventures. Crossing more fingers so that I can return to the West Coast and visit Seattle in the fall. I’m hoping that I can leave my job and do something else more fulfilling instead of making me more bitter and angry than I already am. I will take better care of my mental health hands down.

There’s a long list but this is just the start out of my outlook. Looking forward to 2016 and all that’s yet to come. Cheers!

Lastly: LCD Soundsystem released a Christmas song, their first song in 5 years, in the making for 8 years. It was the best present I could have ever asked for. I cried for hours.

It adds fuel to the fire that they’re possibly making a comeback, and if they do I am ready to see them live at a music festival. So in 2016 I possibly will make plans to see James Murphy and friends come back ans play the hits… And probably cry some more.

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