Stellar Rubbish Removal in Islington

It is unusual to look at a rubbish removal service as something amusing, but actually the job offer a wide variety of experiences.

The Horder or a true Rubbish Nightmare

Our local company Mr. Rubbish Removal Islington was employed to perform a weekly removal service for a horder’s home. Besides the fact it was a disgusting mess, he started hitting us, screaming at us and finally bumping his head on the wall — what a waste! Eventually all the accumulated rubbish was loaded into our truck on its way to the recycling field, when we got another call from the hoarder’s sun / who contacted our rubbish removal company in the first place/ to get all back, because his father has undergone a nervous breakdown and his mental health is jeopardized bu the waste clearance. So the saga continued and we had to return all the waste, just removed and put it back, where we found it /as much as we could remember/.

2. The Crazy Chick to Waste Perfectly Good Stuff

We’ve got a call by a very angry woman to get as soon as possible to her hotel room and get rid of all the items there. The waste was no waste at all and consisted of clothes, jewelry, shoes, stuffed toys, cosmetics and even an iPhone. We asked her what is the problem and she explained that she just had a huge fight with her boyfriend and wants to “have nothing to do with that waste of a person” so she wants all of the stuff he gave her to be cleared. We suggested it may be a good idea to donate it or allows us to do so. that’s when she went crazy on us and required pictures of the waste being smashed and entirely unusable. So we did.