4 Ways Technology is Impacting the Hospitality Industry

With advancements in technology ever increasing, every aspect of our daily lives is being altered with it. Whether you think this is for the better or worse, technology is changing the hospitality industry and we have to adapt to survive. Customers are coming to expect a faster, more efficient and practically perfect service from every business they encounter, whether that be a small family run restaurant or a big chain hotel, the standards are being set at similar levels. We have no choice but to adapt to these new environments, and ensure that customers are receiving the same standard of service as they would elsewhere (if not better), whether you choose to give in to the technical revolution or otherwise.

Social media has completely changed the relationship hospitality businesses share with their customers, with the business being able to advertise their services and extend their branding creativity to their social platforms. Customers are able to share their experience with the entire world online. It is imperative that your business uses this to their advantage, as if not managed properly, can have some fatal repercussions for your business.

It’s a rarity nowadays to find a paying customer visiting a hotel without having checked TripAdvisor beforehand. Think of this as a platform to interact with your customers and showcase your consideration. Managing your online reviews will give you a chance to offer compensation to unhappy customers and ensure that you are actively taking their feedback on board. Don’t think of online reviews as a purely negative space to control, as you’ll be able to promote you positive reviews that you receive to counteract them. However, keep in mind that it doesn’t come naturally to people to post about a service that was simply ‘good’. You will have to go above and beyond to ensure that people take the time to write a good review and also prompt them during their visit.

Technology can be used to your advantage in many aspects of your service, one being check in and check out. This is often a lengthy process that most visitors would rather do without. With the aid of smartphone apps, many hotels offer customers the option to check in and check out on their phones, eliminating the need to queue and waste time once they have arrived at the hotel. Some hotels have gone a step further and allowed the smart phone to act as a room key which is activated once they have checked in, meaning that customers can come straight from travelling to their hotel room.

Although this ticks the speed requirement, it does eliminate interaction with staff upon arrival to the hotel, meaning that you will not have a chance to promote specific features or interact with your customers. There are positives and negatives to every technological feature you put in place, it’s important you recognise them and work out the implications. Many of the negatives can be counteractive; for example, there are many advertising opportunities on the app and potential to introduce a live chat or telephone service. After all, if there is something your customers want, they would not hesitate to call down to reception.

With customer use of technology within the hotel’s business comes a lot of data that will enable you to home in on your targets and personalise their experiences. Technology is making it simple for customers to specify any specific needs or requests they might have. If your hotel knows that your customer has a special interest in fitness ahead of time, you could promote your gym access to them or present them with a special offer. Or, if you knew someone was gluten intolerant, you could have a specific menu sent to their room or a sample of some of your gluten-free foods upon arrival. Little touches will help set you apart from other businesses and is a way of adding a personal, human aspect to their stay with you, even though technology may be the main point of contact between you and your customers.

With an increase in recruitment being handled online, the process has never been simpler. You can even completely eliminate the need for HR to recruit at all, by using a recruitment app or online platform. Many of these apps remove the need for you to filter through candidates and find the perfect match as they do all the hard work for you.

Sonicjobs is London’s first virtual recruiter, specialising in the hospitality industry. With the use of Artificial Intelligence, it assess candidates to allow employers to see those that are a good fit for the role. All you have to do is swipe right to connect with a candidate, an interview can be set up as early as the same day. By minimising the time you spend looking for candidates, this eradicates the wasted time spent interviewing people that may not be a good match for your business. It also removes the need for your staff to spend time looking for new hires for you, all you have to do is upload a job role on the app and let the app do the rest.

Technology is changing the hospitality industry in every aspect. You may feel that customers are becoming expectant to be able to navigate their entire stay through an app without having to interact with staff, or be able to control the lighting in their room with their phone. Although features like this are becoming more and more common, so are the benefits for the business themselves. Technology is allowing you to know more about your customers and do more for them, using as little time possible. Although technology is able to enhance your customers experience massively, it will never replace the human element that comes with customer service.

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Originally published at Sonicjobs.



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