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Also, please persuade all of your Millennial brethren and sistren to VOTE! If they want to live in a nation that still has any nice things left, they’re going to have to fight for those nice things or they’ll soon be shitty things. I’ve got my daughter (who’s 26) voting now — she even voted in the primary. Now I’ve got to get my two sons (ages 23 and 18) to do it. They’re equally sickened by Trump, but I’ll have to make them register to vote and then make them vote. That’s fine, I’ll be happy to do it because we need every single vote this year. Make your friends register and make them vote. Drive them to do both, even if you have to lie and say you’re taking them to play Pokemon Go. By the way, I meant to say in my screed above, I’ve been very happy to see you coming out of your political shell and mixing it up, and doing a nice job of it, too. Keep fighting the good fight! No surrender.

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