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Amen to that. Ann Richards was the best Texas governor in my lifetime. Wendy Davis just doesn’t evince that fire in her belly in the way that Richards did, and she doesn’t have Richards’ killer sense of humor. I worked on Davis’ losing 2014 campaign for governor and have met her a couple of times. I think she would have made a fine governor, and she’d certainly be a damn sight better than Greg Abbott has been — a rabid dog would be a better governor than Abbott — but she didn’t capture the state’s attention and imagination in the way Richards did. Ann Richards was, to use a cliche, a state treasure. And I don’t mean treasurer. Though she was that, too, before she was governor. I’m still heartbroken about Dubya beating her in 1994. If Richards had won a second term, think of all the nonsense that Dubya and Cheney pulled between 2001 and 2008 that would simply disappear from the universe because it never would have happened. Ah, well. Time for bed.