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Gentlemen, thank you for the great work you did to document and uncover Lott’s lies and his ridiculous assumed personalities. I see gun nuts on various Internet sites using Lott’s erroneous reports and statistics, but it’s even more maddening that the Washington Post has given him a platform. The Post has failed in its mission to uncover truth, choosing instead to provide equal time to a corrupt, discredited partisan in its coverage of gun violence. There’s no excuse for the Post’s ignorance about Lott and his use of inflated claims and faked numbers to create the conclusions he prefers over objective fact. Please keep up the good work. The American people will eventually wake up to the lies of the gun lobby and the gun manufacturers. When that day arrives, I expect gun makers will suffer the same fate as cigarette manufacturers did. They and the NRA deserve no less for the way they market and promote such a deadly product. The NRA might rightly be classified a terrorist organization after paying the Senate to defeat two recent bills that would have prevented suspected terrorists on the no-fly Terror Watch List from buying any gun they want in the United States. It’s breathtaking, really, what the NRA has become.