A girl can dream!
Ellie Guzman

It can definitely happen, Ellie. You have the talent and voice. You could use Medium or another platform to curate a writing portfolio (I use Contently, which is also free) that features only your strongest work while showing the range of your subject matter and format. You could use a page of your website for your portfolio, for that matter. Then craft a strong query letter in which you pitch yourself to the publication by explaining what you’ll bring to the mix — that is, put your work into the context of what they’re already doing and help the editors envision how you’ll complement their existing scheme or take it to another level in some way. This is the same way you’d pitch a book manuscript using a query letter. You’ll need to do some research and find publications that best suit your writing and style. I’d be happy to help because I believe you’re going to enjoy a successful writing life!

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