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I’ve come to believe there are no accidents in life. So it’s no coincidence that you and Tom Joad share the initials T.J. If you hear the ghost of Steinbeck muttering, “Talia Who?” just tell him she headed east to live off the fatta the land in NYC. And, yes, you can pet the puppies and the rabbits, just be more careful this time, OK?

Many people would have let the verbal/viral onslaught drive them into permanent hiding, but to your credit you seem to have emerged with a degree of grace and restraint. And if this Yelp letter was the catalyst you needed to lever yourself out of the San Fransciso exurbs and into New York for the writer’s/comedian’s life, then I’d want to ask: Is it possible that Talia Jane/Tom Joad understood exactly what s/he was doing when s/he wrote that open letter? Hoped, consciously or sub, that it would blow up that subsistence in California and propel her to something better?

Hell if I know. How could anyone possibly know that? These are questions without answers. But I wish you the best there nonetheless. Peace …

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