What The #MoreThanMean Viral Video Didn’t Tell You
Julie DiCaro


I’m so happy to hear how successful the video has been. This is the first time I’ve read your stories on Medium, and frankly I’m sickened and stunned by what you’re enduring every day. I’ve seen some of this sort of thing on Twitter, and have been attacked too by the open carry gun nuts because of my efforts to regulate firearms in Texas. But it’s hard to fathom the continuous, focused attacks on you and how . . . I don’t even have words to describe how deeply embedded the illness must be for someone to invest their leisure time in this sort of harassment. I’m assuming these are people who have taken great pains to ensure their anonymity won’t be breached? Because I imagine any employer (for example) who learned of this behavior would fire the offender, any mother or sister (and brothers and fathers, I hope) who learned of such bullshit would sever the relationship if the behavior continued. Maybe I’m being incredibly naive, but this is just so sick. I assume they’re hiding their true identities — otherwise who would put up with their nonsense? The fantasy would be to fight back by hiring a hacker who discovered their true identities and paid them a visit at work to show off some of their handiwork, then at home while they’re relaxing with the wife and kids. At that point, you’ve sunk to their level and wasted your life within the parameters they’ve established. So I would simply say . . . I hope you’re winning, and they’re sinking into an abyss of their own making.

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