Dear Friends, Writers of Fictions Convenient and Eldritch
Oliver “Shiny” Blakemore

Oliver Shiny, please count me in. I’d be happy to test out some agent queries and loglines within your new publication. I hope you call it something other than Conglom, though. Maybe ConDom or ConMan or ConEdison or ConVerse or ConEstoga or ConPro or WritersWrite or LookMaI’mWriting or HelpMe!

Lately I’ve been thinking I want to write a novel, whose first chapter would be the short story I published in June in Made Up Words, titled “The World Drops Beneath You.” Anyone who’d be willing to bounce around some ideas with me about the novel I’m envisioning, please send me an email at In the email, let me know if there’s any writing of yours that you’d like to exchange and have me read it over, of if you have some other writing you’d like to discuss.

I’m tagging Doc Holliday — I know she had a fiction story published at Made Up Words this summer, too.

By the way, I got my first Oliver Shiny e-newsletter the other day, and a thing of beauty it was. I see you’re on Patreon, too — all great things you’re doing there. Good luck, and let’s do this thing!