Trump Literally Said All Those Things.
Christina Reynolds

The Republican Party finally has the leader who embodies all the beliefs the party has been trumpeting since Nixon. And it’s no surprise that he turns out to be a fool and an old-school thug. When that’s what your party stands for, that’s what you get. Many already in office are much the same as Trump (Mitch McConnell, Ted Cruz, et al.), but they try to hide it.

Trump is so sure that the American people are stupid and will vote for him no matter what he says, that he doesn’t even pretend to know anything about world affairs. He lies constantly because, again, he thinks Americans are so shallow they can no longer tell fact from fiction, so he says whatever pops into his head, then later argues that he never said it — just as he’s doing now regarding the well-documented statements in Hillary’s speech.

Donald Trump is proof that the society in George Orwell’s dystopian novel 1984 has arrived in the United States. When they go looking to assign blame or search for a clear beginning of the end, you can be sure that those who vote for Trump will bear the burden of history’s judgment. This must be what it felt like in Rome when the final backward slide got under way. So much for the American experiment in self-governance. Stupidity and anti-intellectualism smothered it.

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