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Thin Man, I actually did read about the Slave Patrols when you previously linked to a Wikipedia article about them on another of my threads about gun control. In this case, I had been involved in a weeklong back and forth argument with a man named Michael Allison. But after I added my last post, titled, “When you oppose every gun control effort, you’re condemning innocent kids to death,” Allison not only erased every one of the comments he had made in the course of our argument (he had probably posted six or eight times on that thread), but he deleted his entire Medium account, every story and post — all gone without a trace. I’ve thought about appending an editor’s note to this thread explaining that what remains is only one-half of a weeklong conversation, and that the other half disappeared when Michael Allison high-tailed it out of here. It might help to explain why I keep addressing someone as Jethro (it’s because Michael Allison used a picture of Jethro Bodine, a not-very-bright character from “The Beverly Hillbillies” TV show, as his avatar on Medium). The reader who comes upon this thread after Mr. Allison’s disappearance may be a little confused as to who the hell I think I’m arguing with. Ah, well. If nothing else, I won the argument.

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