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This is what I was trying to tell you a month or so ago, Jennifer Brown . Never underestimate the ability of the American voter to fuck this thing up. As the late, great Molly Ivins was so fond of saying: You get the government you deserve. This is why I am politically involved, why I volunteered for the Wendy Davis campaign as a blogger and digital lead, and why I donate money every month to Hillary’s campaign and the DNCC, why I gave to Obama’s campaign, and Davis’ campaign. Even when you do everything in your power, and register people to vote, and convince your friends to vote, you still get the Supreme Court stealing the election as they did in Bush v. Gore in 2000. You get Bush defeating Ann Richards, riding the tidal wave of the Republican takeover in 1994.

This is war, and you have to get up ready to fight every day. This shit is for real. They will take away your right to choose an abortion the first nanosecond they have the votes. They will make it legal for corporations to own our politicians — too late, they already did. They will privatize Social Security and steal every fucking dime I’ve paid into it for 40 years, as Bush tried to do, and only a Democrat majority in the Senate stopped him. This is for all the marbles, and anyone who thinks we should all just play nice and get along hasn’t been paying attention for the past 25 years.

This is war, a fight for the middle class to continue having a life vs. the oligarchs who will take every fucking thing you own and then come back to snatch the crust of bread you scavenged from the trash as you’re about put it in your mouth. The Republicans are a hell of a lot meaner than the Democrats, so best gird your loins for the fight. Look at how they’ve eviscerated Hillary for 25 years, and she hasn’t committed an iota of wrongdoing. Look at what they did to John Kerry, a bona fide Vietnam War hero. Bush and Cheney, two draft dodgers, and the Swiftboat Liars convinced half of America that Kerry lied about his war record when a hundred men were there with him on that river in Vietnam. Our friends in the GOP don’t give two shits for the truth because the American attention span is so short and the Republican faithful will swallow anything they’re told. Make no mistake, this is war.