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True dat.

By the way (again), even when you lose — and I’m not saying we’re going to lose, I still say we’re going to win, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy — you stay and fight. If Trump wins the White House, we win the Congress and bottle him up. When he starts the war (and he’ll try, if elected), the Congress says, Nope, sorry pallie. Not this time — Bush had the 9–11 surge of patriotism and the goodwill of the world behind him, and he squandered all of it to fight the war his daddy was smart enough to avoid. Trump would receive absolutely nothing but ill will and a Congress that will throw up even more obstacles than the Congress we have now. We slug it out till the creep crawls away to paint nude selfies in the bathtub with Dubya and Putin. Three tiny-handed artists all together, cozylike, with their rubber duckies. We keep slugging it out until the demographic tide finally sweeps some of these Neanderthals out to sea once and for all. Because if you let the bad guys win here, then you’re fighting them wherever you’ve fled. The bad guys never go away. Wherever you go, there they are.

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