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You mentioned a sandbox in your backyard. By letting that bit of news slip, you’re all but guaranteed a visit from Gutbloom in the near future (or more likely one of his Medium minions) to confirm that the sandbox complies with Medium Code Enforcement Handbook Entry 78G-5, Enclosures: Fixed, sand-filled. Of course you never know what form he might take, he’s even been known to shape-shift into animals, so if you see a tomcat nosing around you sandbox, looking to do his business, that’s almost certainly Gutbloom performing his due diligence under cover.

To save you the trouble of looking it up, just make sure your sandbox uses only washed, screened and dried sand that is free of dust, which is a known carcinogen for children if they play in it. Gutbloom will shut down that sandbox in a heartbeat and leave you with a fine of $106 plus $60 in court costs (the court costs help pay for the Milwaukee’s Best).

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