The uncanny parallels of starting bands and businesses from scratch

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When I was 17 years old I started a garage band. There we were, four teenagers, making noise in our parents’ houses and eventually, we found a bit of hometown success. We went from the garage to the stage playing with great artists including The Smashing Pumpkins, Run-D.M.C, Tool, Hole, Primus, and Death Angel. We saved our gig money, we toured, we recorded an album. We were on the road to being rich and famous — or so we thought.

Then, we broke up. Each of us went our separate ways: Our singer got a steady job, our drummer went on to form Deftones, and I went on to the startup world. When I got there, I realized startups are a lot like bands. In fact, I’d say a band is the ultimate startup — and bands and startups go through essentially the same phases of development. …

I’ve joined Spero Ventures, Here’s Why

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I’ve been a Star Wars fan since seeing the first release in theaters, so basically my whole life. It was Episode IV, called A New Hope. …

If you’re a startup founder, chances are you will need to raise some capital. Fundraising is a daunting task, especially for early stage startups like us. But on AngelList, you can not only raise funds from a large and diverse group of investors, you can also build a relationship to get the best out of them. Apart from the funding, the best resources you can get from your Angel investors are their advice and network. That is why it is your duty to stay connected directly with your syndicate investors.

Thanks to the guidance and influence of Jason Calacanis, my company Requested successfully raised a round through AngelList. For n00bs like us, AngelList can be a bit confusing at times; this guide will help you navigate and champion it. …


Sonny Mayugba

EIR at Spero Ventures, xCMO of @WaitrApp, founder @sacrabbit in love w @lynnmayugba, father, snowboarder, guitarist, table tennis competitor (anytime)

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