Feels fucked up with no one talk to, I live in a place where people every around every place, but I can’t keep up a decent conversation, and seems I have it written on my face. I wasn’t sure about myself, while others seem really sure of themselves. They find friends, walk in groups, getting involved with anything they wish, so far as I can get. Recently I found getting feedbacks are more and more important, the interaction really have effects on mental healthy. I really need to pack up with some guys, sometimes I feel my time was so wasted staying alone. With nothing to share, and nothing to share with.

This is going to shoot on twitter… I do hope someone would see it. Funny things on twitter, I once searched upon porn images and I did found something wonderfully, but here comes several hot chicks add my friends… and these chicks alone. Guess I exposed myself too distinctively, which makes me into or become a one of a kind. Australia don’t even have a decent social media, of his own. No media could broadcast his own voice, talk out loud to online guys. The similar stuff I found only little in-game talking channel. That was a ridiculous place, every one wants to show he is funky or one of the dudes, can’t figure out what kind of school life these guys has been through. Nothing specially attractive down anywhere, every one wants to show cool and stay his old way, talk in a not-caring, feverish mood. Care to watch what they would become when they lost in a no-buddy ever coming condition. This is so sad.

There are some troubles finding companies working a part-time job. I did tried find work within Chinatown, and I thought I fought for a new free life with easy access to more changes. Turns out I think too much on some aspects and still too confident about myself on some aspects.

First thing changes when I came back is I found. getting back where I live feels more

This feels so bad again, when I realize there was no chance to reach anybody to talk. Is it really true that as long as you start do something it will finally get into you? I really hope there is one thing that can shed all my weaknesses and I could follow it blindly to regain a normal life. At least I feel no difference to other people. I don’t see

I have a bad conclusion, that normal people won’t come up and talk to someone they don’t familiar with. I guess my problem was simple to understand and probably would seek bad feelings if I tried to express it out. I feel myself becoming disconnected, lost progress on what I have been doing, feels I’m becoming strange. Nobody would want be responsible for person other tha

I feel so unhappy, I think I lost my link with others in anywhere by any means. I feel become sensitive, and I’m afraid it means I’m not sure of myself. I don’t see anyway free from this situation, wherever I go, I feel speechless. That’s very ridiculous because I don’t even know what’s stopping me saying any shit. It’s strange afraid of communicating even before I ever gets hurt from any place. But why won’t people ease into conversation with me, why is there

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