Shit, how am I going to use this app? Is there anything like a tutorial so that people could follow and don’t make his posts looks like jackshit. I feel not able to organize my own page, everything was posted separately I couldn’t even create some shit like an archive. Why is everything so fall behind the technology in Australia, where everything is user-unfriendly and lack efficiency. How could some country live happily with ignorance with what other world is doing. Do I feel like to understand where I come to study? I do in the first place and I feel so hesitate if it worth me doing after one short year. No one seems hardworking or achieving something progressively, while everyman seems content with his life, with what he has, what he knows. There is a mindset when people think I don’t need to know anything else in my life, I have been through everything I could ever expected. There is something generally healthy but stop-developing in every people’s mind. They feel so confident about their way of living and find excuse and deny anything away from their understanding. Why does they not trying new things, is it that enjoyable sit tight right on where you shit and wallowing for years just feels comfortable. Life is so simple and as long as anyone could overcome it, the rest of life is waiting in his old shit and waiting the day when he died. That’s not so much of a human and much more of a plant or trees. That’s not a good way of born with human body and human brains deserves better considering its has great potentials.

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