Your first two point are little more than deflection of responsibility.
Gable Davis

“Again to the fourth point, pointing out a single Indigenous nation (admiringly this is not the only nation that has attempted this) excluding Africans from citizenship grossly ignores the fact that it is happening to our own people. Indigenous people in many tribes are being excluded from citizenship. This is not to say that there is not a core racial issue at play here but that our governments have been colonized to be run more as business than national bodies and in business, less competition means more profit.

You can’t talk to me about “deflecting” and then write something like this, which is textbook deflection. This is a lot of words to say, “Yeah, yeah, enough about you. But what about us?” Anti-Blackness isn’t important because Anti-Indigenous racism exists? Me bringing up Anti-Blackness is offensive because Anti-Indigenous racism exists? You sound like white people. You accuse me of self-centeredness only to commit it repeatedly as though it’s a virtue when you do it? You can’t extend a hand to educate me while also looking down on me. That is the very definition of condescension. And if you didn’t already know, we’re not the two and I’m not the one.

In fact, this entire conversation has been about you entering a black space, a conversation for black people (I am always only talking to black people) demanding a space in it, paying lip service to black people’s racial oppression on one side of your mouth, and then dismissing it as secondary or irrelevant on the other, all while making your own issues sacrosanct. You accuse me of Indigenous erasure as you commit blatant Anti-blackness disguised as academic discourse, hidden behind theory and moral outrage. STOP.

There can be no doubt: This land is connected to the Indigenous populations; this is where you are and where you always were. Every time we use the words “property” or “belong” it is an indictment against us. But each time you think those words only apply to land, each time you narrow the definitions of colonialism and colonized people, shaping it so that it only describes your own experience, making you and your people the primary/sole victims, that is an indictment against you. You know what’s just as bad, maybe even worse than being a colonized person? Having your personhood taken from you altogether.

And just so we’re clear: All black people here, brought here against our will, do not belong. We’ve been told that by white people stole the land, desecrated it, and continue to destroy it — and we’ve been told that by Indigenous peoples from whom the land was ripped.

We are quite aware that we are a nowhere people, Mr. Roubideaux. Ironically, both you and your oppressors find agreement there.

We’d leave, I’m sure, if we knew where the hell we were from or could go, but that knowledge has been stolen from us as well.

I can talk about colonialism from my own perspective without referencing anyone else because my very body has been colonized. What they did to your land is what they did to my very being. You seem unmoved and unconvinced by that, or, at least, don’t find it terribly compelling. So to clarify: That means I don’t require permission to have this discussion and not mention you. I am a walking piece of property, dehumanized and stolen from my rightful place, which has now been lost to time. I’ve been turned into a perpetual mule, always seen as a beast condemned to do someone else’s labor.

The next time you wish to fix your fingers to ask me to do even more labor, consider that.

This conversation — if it was actually ever a conversation — is over.

Blessings to you and yours. May all your goals be realized.


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