Black Lives Irrefutably Matter; White Supremacy Is Indisputably a Bottomless Pit

Taking advantage of white supremacy and the white supremacist narrative of black criminality, Conrad Zdzierak (mugshot on the right), used the prosthetic mask of a black person’s face (on the left) to disguise himself as a black person as he robbed banks.

As much as I disagree with it, I get it.

I get why so many black people refuse to believe it when they’re told that a black person committed a crime.

I get why they go all in to support the accused and will maneuver around whatever evidence is presented to maintain their perspective that the accused is innocent.

It’s because white supremacists lie so fucking much.

It’s because “A black person did it!” has become America’s “The devil made me do it!” It’s the American mantra, its meditation, and chief religion.

It’s because government and media collude to ensure that the fiction of black super-criminality remains embedded in the country’s DNA.

It’s because black people are in such a vulnerable position in this country that the mere word of our bad behavior is taken as absolute, pathological fact and few will second guess it.

This inherent racism often butts up against the inherent rape culture, creating a dissonance in the national consciousness, resulting in some of us taking our disbelief to levels of absolute absurdity — even when such uncritical positions come part and parcel with harm.

Because white supremacy’s lies have resulted in the lynchings of innocent peoples and the destruction of innocent towns, we have gone to the opposite extreme. White supremacy has judged us never innocent and we have responded to that slander with the notion that we are never guilty. On both ends, we have been denied the frailties inherent to existence, for between sub-human and superhuman is human — which is what we are and which is what we must always be. This is hidden from us in the confusion that white supremacy has wrought.

To reclaim ourselves, however, is to not sink to the depths where white supremacy dwells; there, where humanity is irretrievable. Instead, we must consider the full scope of being human, where possibilities of failure, implication, justice, and, yes, redemption exist. And in that lies the likelihood of a guilty R. Kelly, Bill Cosby, Dr. Dre, Afrika Bambaataa, and Nate Parker — however ferociously that lays beside the terror of a Tex McIver, who shot his wife in the back, murdered her dead, and said that Black Lives Matter made him do it.

The key to liberation is to recognize that white supremacy is actually projection. It isn’t that they feel superior to us; it’s that they are afraid that we are superior to them. And their unyielding acts of violence and deception, from which they cannot free themselves, only makes this all the more difficult to evade.

Which explains both their panic, and why we don’t have to anymore.

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