“God didn’t make me that smart.”

“God didn’t make me that smart.”

That’s what this little boy says to his mother as she films herself screaming at him and threatening to whip him for a poor performance in school.

“I’m trying, but I can’t hear [the lesson] sometimes because [the teacher is] so far away.”

The boy says this as he runs from his mother, separated from her by a dining room table.

The mother, Gry Keyila, posted the video to Facebook with the following caption:

“I wasn’t gone post it but its funny y’all 😂 😂 😂 😂

The video has been shared over 100,000 times. It has been viewed over four million times. I will not share it here.

The way this boy humiliates himself before his mother to avoid a beating. The desperate gestures, the way he pleads and insults himself to show his mother his sincerity and fear.

And how she is, the entire time, barely holding back laughing at his fealty and pain.

And the worst part is the glee in showing it off to the world expecting co-signs and high-fives.

That shit broke me in half.

We are broken, fam. Because we swear to White Jesus that terrorizing our children will save them. And all of us, fucked straight up, talking about how we all got beat and nothing happened to us.

But something did happen to us: We think beating children is acceptable. We’ve become people who are titillated by the idea of passing on generational trauma and make up excuses to tie it back to Africa so that we can convince ourselves that we’re dressed in Kinte cloth and not white hooded robes when we light our children’s asses up (as though because we believe it’s an African practice that somehow makes it remotely okay).

We invented a God who instructed us to brutalize our children simply because we failed to realize that same God was the death of us.

But I hope one day we know.

And I hope one day we stop.

And I hope one day we wake up.

And I hope one day we heal.

Because until then, love is impossible.

(H/T Dr. Stacey Patton)

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