I No Longer Discuss Racism with White People Because Their Denial Is Thicker than a Snicker and Snowflake Innocence Is an Avalanche

A white man covers his ears.

“Each snowflake in an avalanche pleads not guilty.”

Stanisław Jerzy Lec

There’s nothing that white supremacists desire more, obsess over more, get life’s blood from more, receive orgasms from more than denying racism’s presence in anything and everything and accusing people who point out racism of being “the real problem.”

For them, nothing except a burning cross, a Klan hood, and the n-word can be racism — and not even always in those situations.

For them, racism is always some relic from an earlier time in which their own generation didn’t exist.

They’ve pushed it so far back that, in their own fantasies, racism only existed during the Big Bang, and was shortly thereafter resolved by white people’s innocence. The only racism they believe exists in the present moment is the non-existent “reverse racism.” They believe any other racism is made up by black people to explain our perceived shortcomings. They avoid and outright deny any evidence or investigations that debunk their claims.

The key to their souls is ensuring racism remains unnamed so that they can safely avoid responsibility and implication, and to get us to absolve them of whatever guilt they feel (which is the sole purpose of black conservatives and the One Black Friend). They will blame aliens, ghosts, fictitious people, made-up ailments, and dead folks before they will ever admit they’re racist. Whiteness is, after all, built on the presumption of innocence and an inherent benefit of the doubt.

This is why I no longer discuss racism with most white people: Only 0.00001 of them might be woke enough to be honest about it.

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