“ He exercises the white male privilege invested in him by being a product of the United States, by…
Phillip A.

Phillip A. said:

Now that’s a hot fucking take right there. And the millions of North Koreans who have faced similar fates for various ideological crimes? Are they privileged assholes who deserved it too?

You must live in a very strange and dark mental universe to look at this situation and think the *real* outrage is a white cishet shitlord going to a “brown country” and flaunting his privilege by disrespecting Supreme Marshal Kim Jong-Un. Long live the immortal sun of Juche, I guess.

  1. Chet, stop fucking pretending you give one, single solitary fuck about what North Korean citizens endure under their oppressive government. You only heard of North Korea yesterday after Otto died.
  2. Ross, you live in a country that oppresses a portion of its population, but since you hate that population, you don’t give a fuck and you probably participate in the oppression.
  3. Connor, white Americans are so fucking good at telling other nations to take the twig out of their eye while walking around, proud for no reason, with an oar in theirs.
  4. Josh, bounce your flat, pale ass all the way out of my comments section.