The Primal, Unyielding, and Dangerous Ego of Missy Anne

IMAGE DESCRIPTION: A black man is seen beside the open driver’s side of his vehicle, facing a police dashcam with his arms raised in the air.]

I don’t like to watch videos of police officers interacting with people of color because my heart rate and stress level go up and I have nightmares afterward.

But I watched this one in spite of those possibilities.

Here, again, we have a case of a “Concerned Neighbor” who saw a black person and got scared.

What makes this particular case so infuriating, aside, of course, from the feral brutality with which the police attack the actual victim, is that the white woman who called the cops on the man she accused of trying to break in and steal a car — NEWSFLASH: He wasn’t trying to break in and it was his own, legally owned car — rather than sincerely apologize for her error (though, because of where we are and what white supremacy is capable of, we can’t be certain that she didn’t intentionally falsely accuse the victim of a crime he didn’t commit), the first things she does are:

1. Deny that she’s racist.

2. Start crying.

3. Make this whole fucking situation about her and her feelings after she put a man’s life at risk.

She invented an entire narrative, claimed she saw him with a crowbar in his hand, jimmying the car door open (there was no crowbar; it was his car keys; how could she possibly mistake keys for a crowbar?). She does these things instinctively, shaped by a society that pushes into the public consciousness the false notion that white women — and only white women — are only ever dainty, delicate, demure, feminine, innocent, pure, victimized, and in constant need of protection from the Other.

What sent me over the edge was that the dispatcher, who sounds like he might be a black man, immediately started tending to the white woman and her feelings on some massive Missy Anne Syndrome type shit. Like, he pulled out his red cape and was all:

IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Superman, who is, in this iteration, a black man, is seen descending from the sky, holding a white Lois Lane in his arms and they gaze at each other lovingly.

“There, there now. Not to worry one bit, Misses. We amb here to protect you from that Ol’ Scary N*gg*r, who probably gots dirt on him anyway even if’n that’s his own car! We gwine find a way to charge him with something, Misses. Yessiree, White Jesus! You just wait and see. We amb gon’ make it all right.”

They made the white woman the central heroine of this entire situation and the black man they stopped — for no reason — became the villain.

The cops attacked this man like a gang or like a swarm of flesh-eating insects — all on the word of a white woman. I imagine this is why many black people take a white woman’s testimony against a person of color with a grain of salt and need more than just her word to believe anything that she’s alleging. There is a long and sordid history in this country of white people, white women in particular, falsely accusing people of color, particularly black people, of crimes. She should be charged with attempted murder or assault with a deadly weapon given the historical context.

This video is a perfect example and completely emblematic of how white supremacy and internalized white supremacy function in American society. It also illustrates how white women are complicit in both white supremacy and patriarchy, and use it to elevate themselves and terrorize others.

And it’s also an example of why black people cannot afford, ever, to trust the police.

IMAGE DESCRIPTION: A screen capture from the film Driving Miss Daisy with Hoke Colburn (Morgan Freeman) in the driver’s seat and Miss Daisy (Jessica Tandy) in the rear. She is lookig at him askance. he is smiling with his hands on the wheel. Caption reads: Misogynoirist black men be like…even though they hate me, I capes for white womens!