The Tulsa Genocide of 1921

[Photo description: Outdoors. Daytime. The scene of the cityscape of Tulsa, Oklahoma, seen from an aerial view. Plumes of smoke rise into the air as buildings are seen on fire.]

Today in 1921 was the first time bombs were ever dropped on U.S. soil.

On May 31 and June 1, 1921, the white residents of Tulsa, Oklahoma declared war on the black residents of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Using a manufactured a story that falsely accused a black man of raping a white woman, the white residents of Tulsa united and waged a devastating military assault against the black residents using decommissioned World War I aircraft to bomb them into oblivion.

Over the course of two days, hundreds were killed, hundreds more were injured, and the war’s goal of destroying the thriving, economically self-sufficient black community known as “Little Africa” or “Black Wall Street” was accomplished.

White historians refer to this event as the Tulsa Race Riot of 1921 in order to minimize what occurred, disguise the true nature of the violence, and suggest that the black residents and white residents were equally culpable in said events. Some of these historians continue to deny that there was any use of aircraft or bombs, contrary to the eyewitness accounts from survivors.

I refer to this military assault as the Tulsa Genocide of 1921 in order better communicate the true purpose of the heinous actions.

School textbooks continue to erase this event and continue to promote the lie that the first bombing of U.S. soil was committed by foreigners (Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor during World War II) as a means to preserve a chilling yet seductive American “innocence.”

But now you know better.

Pass it on.