[Photo description: The legs of several standing people are seen. Below them, the words: Love the sinner, hate the sin?]

When cishet people tell queer people that they “don’t agree with their lifestyle,” it’s merely another way of saying that they don’t agree with our existence, since our so-called “lifestyle” is really inextricable from our identities as living beings.

“I don’t agree with your lifestyle” is an attempt to erase the humanity of queer people using violent religious language masquerading as harmless language.

It comes from the bullshitty notion “love the sinner, hate the sin.”

It seeks to dehumanize queer people with soft words, kind eyes, and tender smiles.

It is a curse using polite speech.

It is an olive branch crawling with fire ants.

When they say “lifestyle” it is their attempt to reduce anything that isn’t cisgender heterosexuality to perversion. Once categorized as perversion, then the genocide of queer people becomes righteousness.

If you are queer and some cishet person says this to you like they are doing you a favor by holding this opinion rather than bashing you over the head with rocks as their lord commands, if you can: get away from them.

Get as far away from these people as you possibly can.

For these people are steel teeth lying in wait to snap shut around you.

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